Melanie Lucia


As a coach and tarot reader, Melanie guides and supports women in transforming the feminine wound as they explore their inner terrain, awakening the Feminine Soul. She favours a straight-talking, no bullshit approach that is delivered with Love but one where Truth is never compromised. A lover of wood, moor and sea she lives on the edge of Dartmoor with her partner, son and two cats where she regularly indulges in deck lust and red wine. She has no time for small talk and will be found delving deep on the fringes, pulling cards and listening to stories.


Life, Spirituality, Middle Age (45+)


Tarotist, Aromatherapist, Reiki Practitioner


South-West England, United Kingdom


I work with awakening women who have felt the stirrings of remembrance of who they are and who they are not. They yearn for relationship with Her and to powerfully communicate Her essence in their everyday lives.


"I love the way you work Mel. You have those rare abilities of being both a seer and a deep listener, guiding us to open the windows to our own true expression...what a gift you are!" - SM

"Working with Melanie allowed me to see that I already possess all the wisdom and answers in terms of living my most authentic life. In her role as coach she asked the right questions and provided the tools and resources to allow me to access my own wisdom and strength." - CM

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