Megan Seamans


Megan is a life coach for women who want to get out of their own head and on with the life they are obsessed with! Megan works with creatives who have a life that looks picture perfect, but have buried emotion under a masked smile. She helps them get back to their core being by supporting them in moving out of blocks such as fear, doubt, overwhelm, and their comfort zone. She believes in balance before burn out so her clients can have it all!


Life, Mindset, Career, Creativity


B.A. Interpersonal Communications


Orlando, Fl United States


Through her private coaching and group coaching experiences, Megan helps creative entrepreneurs ditch the badge of busy, untangle from the weight of your own stories, to create a lifestyle that ignites your soul. You are driven and know that you can create anything you want but find yourself hitting a wall. I’m here to help you break that wall down!


"With the support of Megan, I launched my website and most importantly found genuine love for myself which started with mindset changes. Every week we knocked out a new goal and I felt so productive and happy. I am going back to use Megan’s services again because she’s the best!” Jessica R. 

“When Megan and I connected, I was feeling overwhelmed and burnt out in my current job and was ready to make a shift toward creating my own business.The biggest change that I’ve witnessed for myself is without a doubt a willingness to put myself and my gifts out into the world. Without Megan’s support there is no doubt that I would likely still be dreaming my dreams." Ashley W.

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