Megan Han


Megan is a Breakup & Divorce Coach who helps women get over the devastating pain of their breakups and turn their lives around. If they’re feeling lost, desperate and rejected after the end of a relationship, she’s here to help turn this situation into the best thing that’s ever happened to them! Through 1:1 coaching, Megan works with her clients to identify the different areas they have issues with and where they are stuck and facing challenges. Megan breaks those areas down for each client and holds them by the hand, giving them strategies and techniques to cope better.


Life, Mindset, Relationships, Young People (18-28), Middle Age (45+), UK & Europe


Accredited Breakup & Divorce Coach, Accredited NLP Practitioner, CIPD Qualified/Human Resources  


London, United Kingdom


Megan works with women all over the world who are experiencing relationship heartbreak. They often feel like they’ll never be able to get over their exes and move on. Her mission is to normalise this experience for them, make them feel understood and inspire them to never lose faith that there IS life after heartbreak and that someday, someway, they will find their 'Happily Ever After'.


 “I had a lot of shifts through coaching with Megan. I now feel, and more especially, believe, that I am good enough. I have never felt good enough my whole life. This was an enormous shift for me. Megan really helped me to change my life.” - Olivia, Reading, UK
“Before I found Megan, I was completely broken, lost, and confused. But with her guidance, I’ve never looked back. I can hardly believe how far I have come. Megan helped me regain my strength to let go and move on.” - Becky, Cardiff, UK

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