Mandy Sciacchitano


Mandy helps giving, service-driven women stay grounded in who they are. Instead of constantly burning out, she helps them create powerful internal shifts in mindset and programming that allow them to feel whole, seen, expressed, and to serve from the overflow. She is on a mission to reintroduce women to their souls, ground into their truth, harness their emotions and empathic abilities, claim their personal power, and create boundaries to protect their energy and well-being so that their unique service to the world can be realised in its most powerful form.


Life, Health, Wellness and Self-Care, Mindset, Spirituality, Creativity, Young People (18-28), Middle Age (45+)


Certified Hungry for Happiness Coach


Los Angeles, United States


Mandy works with revolutionary women who are tired of the diet cycle and fully committed to doing something differently. Her clients realise that as long as food and weight rule their lives, then they actually don’t have lives. Prioritizing both their physical and emotional health, they are open to using holistic approaches to allow them to untangle who they aren't to uncover who they are.


"I'm not afraid anymore!! I still feel fear but I don't let it paralyse me. I'm going after things like I never have before and believing I'll accomplish them, but also enjoying life along the way. I'm loving myself more and more each day and feel confident for the first time." - Emma J.

"Mandy helped me see my true essence and start making decisions from that place, and not from the expectations put on me by myself and others. She is able to translate deep soul work into tangible, actionable homework that really helped me see my truth and own parts of myself that I had abandoned my whole life." - Azure M.

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