Magdalena López


Magda is a Soul Alchemist Coach, Healer and Medium. She believes it is possible to live a fulfilled life full of joy, success and magic. Magda holds sacred space for women who want to step into their truth, connect with their authenticity and create a life full of magic. Her unique way of creating a balanced life and manifesting your dreams is through walking a path back to your soul. Through her intuitive coaching sessions, Magda will guide you to achieve clarity, learn to empower yourself, elevate your mindset and align with your soul intuition and life’s mission.


Life, Health, Wellness and Self-Care, Mindset, Spirituality, Career, Money, UK & Europe


Akashic Records Reader, Trance Healer, Mindfulness Teacher, Bioneuroemotion Therapist, Hypnotherapist


Zürich, Switzerland


Magda works with women that feel their life doesn’t make sense. They feel unfulfilled, lost and unmotivated and are looking for change, but don’t know how to live out their life vision. Magda supports her clients to find clarity, feel empowered and create a positive mindset, connecting with their soul’s intuition so they can shine in their full potential.


“Magda came to me during a moment in my life in which I didn’t see an escape. She taught me to love myself, she taught me to forgive, she taught me to enjoy and value life and to breathe and feel appreciative each morning.” - Laura

“My experience with Magda has been fantastic. With her coaching I have been able to see situations from within my inner self and to face them without fear". - Paqui

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