Lyn Myers


Lyn Myers is a Lifestyle Coach and her intuitive life alignment coaching process supports wallflowers to claim their innate self worth by supporting them in their mindset shifts so they can claim space, have fun and live an epic lifestyle beyond their introvert status quo.


Life, Mindset, Australia & New Zealand




Sydney, Australia


Lyn works with introverted women who are ready to face life's challenges with confidence and strength by believing in their capabilities to move alongside life with ease, voice their values and stop feeling small. She supports them to raise their self-esteem and bravery to fulfill their passions and not hide behind shadows.


"Lyn helped me achieve things that I wouldn’t of had the guts to do or would have made excuses for in the past and hasn’t it well been worth it! In the past I had visions and goals that I wanted to achieve however they seemed WAY too big and overwhelming for me to achieve on my own, these goals were broken down into baby steps and rather than feeling scared, stressed and overwhelmed I felt like I had more clarity and that I could achieve these amazing things that I had wanted for a long time. Lyn seemed to know exactly what I needed each session and knew whether I needed tough love, gentle love or just a shoulder to lean on." - Tegan Skinner

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