Louise Warren


Louise is a life and creativity coach as well as a passionate singer/songwriter. It is her core belief that self-expression is not for the elite few but can be used by all to celebrate, heal, and live a more intuitive and enriching life. Louise seeks to remind the women that she coaches of their true value and worthiness so that they can shine brightly in their art, as well as their lives. She currently offers one on one coaching, forming powerful partnerships with each individual to transform their lives and experience holistic success, self-love, and wholeness.


Life, Health, Wellness and Self-Care, Mindset, Spirituality, Career, Creativity, Young People (18-28)


Certified with the Creativity Coaching Association Completion of Mind Body Green Mastery


Savannah, Georgia, United States


Louise works with creative women who are struggling with self-doubt, feel disconnected from their inner truth and purpose, and are finding it hard to authentically and easily express themselves. They long to form a more loving partnership with themselves and show up fully in their lives. They are ready to finally lean into their true worth, raw expression, and unique magic!


"Louise is such a positive light and a true gift to anyone who works with her. She helped me dig into things that were blocking me, but always did it in a positive, loving way that helped me believe in myself more. I always got off our calls bursting with energy and feeling like I could do anything." - Kimberly M.

"Louise is very reassuring, understanding & encouraging. By the end of the first session, I felt hopeful, inspired & ready to take the first steps. Since coaching, I'm feeling more confident. My inner dialogue is much more positive & encouraging and I'm more particular about what I give my energy to. " - Amber P.



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