Liz Keates


Liz is a Life Purpose & Spirituality Coach and Mindfulness Teacher who loves to help midlife women awaken their soul’s purpose and fall back in love with life and themselves. Liz is passionate about helping women create a work-life and personal-life that is in alignment with who they are at soul level. She believes that midlife women can create a second half of life that’s (even) better than the first and she's all about helping midlife women connect deeply to their heart, (which holds profound wisdom), enabling them to awaken what they truly desire in the next stage of life.


Life, Spirituality, Career, Creativity, Middle Age (45+), UK & Europe


Masters of Arts & Advanced Dip. in Integrative Psychotherapy & Counselling, Mindfulness Teacher, Sound Healer Practitioner


London, United Kingdom


Liz works with midlife women who want to align with their soul’s purpose following a life shock or massive upheaval. She helps her clients awaken and transition towards an authentic version of themselves, recognising there is more to life with a determination to thrive in the second half of life, yet recognising a need for support to get them there!


“Life coaching with Liz has transformed my life! The most rewarding and precious take away for me was to learn how to listen to my heart, paying attention to how it feels. Liz is a fantastic coach, compassionate, and unique." Renata Petrekova “I’m really grateful to you for helping me to change my life. I wanted to do something completely different, but didn’t know what. Life coaching helped me work out what I needed to do, and with encouragement from Liz, I gained the confidence to go ahead with my plans.” - Lydia Stanley

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