Lia Hulit


Lia is a life and career coach who works with people who are eager to make an impact but feel frustrated and stuck in their careers. Drawing from experience in leading teams, teaching yoga, and a business degree - Lia offers the tools, resources, and accountability to support clients to build lives with meaning. Through coaching, dynamic workshops and speaking events, Lia helps people ditch what’s no longer serving them, create their own definition of success, and design a life that plays to their strengths, interest and impact.


Life, Mindset, Career, Young People (18-28), North & South America


MBA: Social Impact Management, Registered Yoga Teacher 


Allentown, United States


Clients who work with Lia are looking to get clear on their purpose, figure out how to play to their strengths and contribute in a bigger way. They are focused, confident, and learning to accept themselves. They move past fear of failure, uncertainty and self-doubt, to cultivate empowering mindsets and higher appreciation for themselves.


"Before I started coaching, I was completely lost. Now I am in awe and full gratitude, living my dreams. The biggest changes I’ve noticed in myself are courage and confidence; I take action despite fear." - Amanda E.

"My work with Lia helped me emerge from the chaos in my life. Now I’m more at ease with my present and future. Because of her support and accountability, I have peace of mind and confidence knowing that these goals are moving forward." - Alyse A. 

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