Leticia Ringe


Leticia supports women seeking meaning, fulfillment and enjoyment in their life in creating a life that they love, enjoy and are inspired by. She empowers her clients to discover who they really are, embrace their beauty, feminine essence and power, and align with their unique purpose, guiding you to connect with your cyclical nature, intuition and creative power while also providing practical tools to develop a supportive mindset. She inspires her client’s to create a life that is beautiful. Leticia is also a qualified Theta Healer and host of the Create a Life that is Beautiful Podcast.


Life, Health, Wellness and Self-Care, Mindset, Spirituality, Career, Relationships, Creativity


Theta Healing


London, United Kingdom


Leticia works with women ready to create a life that they are proud of. She helps her client's get clear on what they truly value, find peace and self-acceptance and reclaim their authentic voice, teaching you how to use your mind, intuition, creativity and power so that you are consciously creating a life that is beautiful to you.


“Leticia helped me to see what is truly important for me to focus on and what it is I want from my career and life. She helped me set clear actions and intentions to start living a truly fulfilled life. ” Christine 

“At the beginning of our coaching journey, I was afraid and wanted to stay in my comfort zone. Leticia encouraged me to step out of my own way which was extremely liberating, and I found myself going from scared to excited and inspired. Going forward I feel really positive. I feel and believe that I can achieve my goals and the vision for myself that I have now created. ” Sandra

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