Leona Reading


Leona is an Empowerment & Confidence Coach, Yoga Teacher, Personal Trainer, Writer (Editor in Chief of French wellness magazine “COACH pour Elles” and columnist for wellness/wellbeing magazines) and Speaker. She helps women all over the world unlock who they truly are by (re)connecting with their body, heart and mind, so they are bursting with confidence in a life they love. Leona lives between France, Australia and Bali.


Life, Health, Wellness and Self-Care, Mindset, Spirituality, Career, Young People (18-28)


Yoga Teacher, Personal Trainer, Bachelor in Marketing & Communication


Nice, France


Leona's clients struggle with self-love, body image and self-care and spend their time people pleasing rather than asking themselves what they really want. In their career/life mission they struggle to think clearly about what their dream life and job could be. Working with Leona means you are ready to go out of your comfort zone, awaken to your uniqueness and create your dream life!


"Leona has changed my life. In 3 months, I cannot believe the difference. She helped by giving me small achievable tasks that have helped me uncover so much about myself. She was always there when I needed her to celebrate achievements with me and to offer advice when I was struggling. Now, I am confident, I love my body, I have a healthy relationship with food and I know what I want to do as a career." - Lucy Barrett

"She helps you to connect with your body and your heart to find a balance in your life, and you start blossoming. It is magical!" - Delphine Barratier

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