Leah Masonick


Leah is a Life Purpose and Career Coach. She empowers courageous and determined professionals who feel lost, burned out and unfulfilled in their lives and careers to rediscover themselves and create the freedom to live their life purpose. She assists clients who have lived their lives by default but want to start taking control of their future and living their lives by design. By helping clients see their true potential, she guides them to think and behave differently.


Life, Mindset, Career, North & South America


Bachelor of Science in Marketing


Minneapolis/St. Paul, United States


Leah loves working with driven clients who feel out of alignment in their careers and lives and know they’re meant for something more meaningful. They want to make a bigger contribution in the world and stop holding themselves back. Leah helps them uncover their calling and authentic selves while moving them closer to where they want to be.


“The biggest change I've witnessed from this coaching series is really knowing what I need in a work environment. Working with Leah has brought about a clarity that I didn't have before of where I want my future to be and what actions do I have to take to get there.”– Lori Bruns-Clavell

“Life altering sessions-this is how I'd describe my coaching experience with Leah! When I started working with Leah I wanted to be able to have a clear picture of what I needed to do in my life and I needed someone from the outside looking in to help guide me. Through our coaching series I now have focus and know where I need to be.” – Tasha Rostvit

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