Lauren Cox


Lauren is the founder of Wholehearted Journeys, a life coaching service grounded in wholehearted connection and growth. Her goal is to inspire clients to dig deep and challenge themselves to grow outside of their comfort zone by embracing mindset, self-care and wellness practices. By creating space for these practices, clients reconnect with their capacity to live their best life, aligned with purpose, integrity and vibrancy.


Life, Health, Wellness and Self-Care, Mindset, Career, Creativity, Australia & New Zealand


Bachelor of Physiotherapy (Honours)


Brisbane, Australia


Lauren works with clients who feel a constant sense of urgency in their life and a drive to always be more, and do more in all aspects of their life. Feelings of stress, overwhelm or discontentment are familiar. Lauren creates space to step back from this relentless treadmill and embrace self-care, mindset and wellness - allowing client's to show up as their best self in all areas of life.


"I felt an energy from Lauren that was direct, yet so open and loving. During sessions, I felt held, empowered to make the change that I wanted and I feel that I’ve achieved a certainty. I have released expectations and stories in my mind that kept me stuck and I now see the limiting beliefs I had around my health and finances." - Ellee Louey

"Lauren was really dedicated to listening to me and showed up with authenticity and transparency in our coaching sessions – allowing me to easily trust her. Lauren was reliable and my coaching experience was filled with support and accountability." - Tessa Gillespie

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