Laura Maya Frot


Laura is an alternative lifestyle coach who helps women step confidently into the life they want, even if it’s a life other people don’t understand. Laura identifies as a “multipotentialite” — a hyper-curious person who feels endlessly called to explore different interests and careers. Since 2001, she has travelled the globe in pursuit of EVERYTHING and built a successful online business she runs from her backpack. Now Laura helps other freedom-seekers design a life and career they love by exploring unconventional ways to live, earn and impact the world.


Life, Mindset, Career, Creativity, Australia & New Zealand


BA Internet Communications, Cert IV Small Business Management


Central Coast NSW, Australia


Laura’s clients are driven women with big ideas who feel a strong call to live differently. They often need help choosing a new path, shifting careers, changing their way of life or completing unfinished projects. Laura also guides women through the process of simplifying their lives so they have less stuff and stress, and more money and freedom to explore, play, rest and realise their dreams.


"Before working with Laura I was confused and paralysed about my career and life direction, but now I feel like I’m working towards an end goal that has purpose and meaning. Laura knows just the right questions to ask so I can tap into the answers I need from within. She listens and understands me but doesn’t pity me and gently pushes me forward. Anyone who has Laura as a coach in their life is so blessed! I know I am!" - Vasti

"Working with Laura helped me make decisions in my life that are supportive of who I really am instead of who I think I need to be. Now I know what I really want as opposed to what I think I want." - Cherry

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