Lainey Segura


I’m on a mission to liberate women from soul sucking 9-5 jobs through exploration and play. I strongly believe you’re meant to joyfully share your unique talents and abilities with the world, so why commit 40+ hours a week to doing something that drains you? I help my clients prioritize what’s in their heart instead of what society expects of them. My method of coaching will connect you to your heart’s true desires and overcome any fears and doubts you have that keep you stuck. Ready to take a step in the direction of your heart? It won’t lead you astray. I got your back!


Life, Mindset, Career, Creativity



Oakland, United States


You’re a badass chick who’s got it going on in your career, but you feel stuck in a never-ending rat race. You crave a more meaningful life of passion and purpose, but you’re constantly worried about the future and what others will think of you. You fear failure so you stop before you begin. But since you’re reading this, I have a feeling you’re ready to change your life. I see you, girl!


“Lainey held a thriving and purposeful space to process my thoughts and drive out any fears that were not mine to begin with. She helped me create intuitive action steps to living an aligned lifestyle according to how I want to feel the most. I’ve never felt so alive because I finally have the self-confidence to be the woman I’ve always been.” - Sheng

“She helped me formulate concrete goals and steps to help me create real change in my life. I had accountability and someone to cheer me on. I became more confident in my own goals and abilities and was inspired to keep going every day. I made huge steps forward that I couldn’t have done alone.” - Katie

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