Kristie Becker


Kristie is a Women’s Life & Wellness Coach and Holistic Nutritionist. Weaving together life coaching and health coaching, Kristie supports her clients to restore a sense of wholeness, align with their natural rhythms and feel empowered in their self care, so they can embrace more ease, balance and flow. Through her coaching and workshops, Kristie encourages clients to create simple and sustainable change, reconnect to their innate wisdom and create a life that feels nourishing on every level.


Life, Health, Wellness and Self-Care, Mindset, Spirituality, Creativity, UK & Europe


Naturopathic Nutritional Therapist


Norwich, United Kingdom


Kristie supports clients to go from stuck, overwhelmed and energetically depleted to feeling grounded, empowered and energised in life. As a result of working with Kristie, clients learn to cultivate wellness from within, nourish themselves from a place of compassion, uncover what it truly means to them to thrive and take meaningful action towards the change they crave.


“Coaching with Kristie was a transformative experience. During our sessions I experienced a profound yet natural shift in my outlook, contentment, health and happiness. Kristie has taught me sustainable and simple ways to maintain a sense of acceptance, balance and joy, and has helped me understand myself better. I've learnt to define my own boundaries and limitations, which prevents me getting overwhelmed and depleted. I've learnt how to put my own self care first.” - Isobel

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