Kris Deminick


Kris Deminick is the coach behind This Electrified Life, a writer, speaker, movement instructor, and artist. She's an electrically energetic, yet deeply soulful coach for bored and burnt out rebels, dreamers and creatives who want their spark back. She supports her clients with the intricate ways of the creative mind, to build confidence, strengthen mindset, shift expectations, and encourage curiosity.


Life, Health, Wellness and Self-Care, Mindset, Creativity, Australia & New Zealand


Qualified Pilates, Yin Yoga, and Group Fitness Instructor

Qualified Mindfulness Instructor


Central Coast, Australia


Kris works with tomboys, rebels, non-conformists and creatives. Those left wanting by the status quo, and feeling depleted, stagnant and hemmed in by expectation. Not for the meek or sleek, Kris is for the bombshell curious to level up and embrace the messy WITH the magnificent. They come to redefine themselves not by titles, bank balance, their body or Insta likes, but by their unique electric spark.


"I felt a strong need to rein in my naturally rebellious personality. Kris guided me to rewrite that, so now instead of battling a deep part of myself, I surrender to it and can harness its power. I was taking everything so damn seriously but Kris helped me approach things with lightness and curiosity. Now I try new things I never imagined would light me up like they do." - Lisa Gibson

"Working with Kris was exciting, eye-opening and sassy! I’ve gone from paralysing perfectionism to exploring creative expression as a practice, pitching my work, owning my identity as a writer, and showing up as a more wholehearted, grateful human." - Amanda Gordon

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