Kris Deminick


Kris Deminick is a creative mentor, poet, copywriter, speaker, artist, and movement instructor. She believes that our creative expression can support our awakening and tap into a full body approach to wellbeing. She uses her teaching, poetry, and spoken word to question the world and reconnect with the creative spirit. She's an electrically energetic, yet deeply soulful mentor for bored, burnt-out dreamers, artists, and creatives who want their spark back. She supports her clients to get confident in their creative voice to feel more like themselves.


Life, Health, Wellness and Self-Care, Mindset, Creativity, Australia & New Zealand


Pilates, Yin Yoga, Mindfulness and Group Fitness Instructor


Central Coast, Australia


Kris works with the deep feelers and creative spirits. Those weighed down by creative afflictions of self doubt, Imposter Syndrome, comparison or validation addiction. They feel drawn to create but cut themselves down. They want to confidently claim their place and feel kick-ass while doing it. They are keen to express themselves, recalibrate a burnt-out nervous system, and live life with more spark.


 "I felt stuck in my creative outlet - fear of failing, rejection and inability to trust myself to follow through on my goals. Now my mindset has changed - the fear changed to curiosity and boldness to give things a go. Kris taught me how to be kind to myself and more self aware. My parents and friends see a huge difference in me - how I approach work, life and my own design work." - Sayaka

"Working with Kris was exciting, eye-opening and sassy! I’ve gone from paralysing perfectionism to exploring creative expression as a practice, pitching my work, owning my identity as a writer, and showing up as a more wholehearted, grateful human." - Amanda

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