Katie Wheeler


Katie is a Self-Esteem, Confidence, & Wellness Coach who helps women feel confident and radiant in their own skin through treating their bodies well and shedding their need for appearing “perfect.” Katie teaches women how to let go of striving and the obsession with rules to embrace where they are now as well as discover what they truly want from their lives. Katie grounds her work in her Christian faith as it played an important role in own journey to confidence and self-acceptance.


Life, Health, Wellness and Self-Care, Mindset, Spirituality, North & South America



Denver, United States


Katie guides women who feel stuck in a circle of fear, rules and restriction to feeling free and strong in their own skin. She encourages women to break away from the need to appear perfect so they can listen to their own instincts and feel permission to truly be and love themselves. Katie helps women to find their true desires and strengths and to create a life that comes from the heart.


“I felt excited to explore new possibilities and having an outside perspective to help me focus my thoughts and tear down mental barriers was very helpful. I have found my joy and creative spirit again and feel it being expressed in so many different areas of my life. I have strengthened the tools I need to continue to dig deep and push myself and not settle for the status quo just because it works.” Anna

“Working with Katie was a great experience and I always left the calls feeling positive. I think Katie said it best in our final call - that I gained acceptance of myself, my life, and what I can/cannot control.” Hadley

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