Kathleen Nower


Kathleen is a Certified Transformation and Mindset Coach who works with women to overcome their fears, live confidently and love themselves deeply. Kathleen works with clients to combat their limiting self-beliefs and deepen their connection to their true selves. She helps women unleash their magic and step into their power as a bold and beautiful woman, guiding them to create a life they love and uncover what it means be authentically and unapologetically themselves. Kathleen's clients express more gratitude, live with positivity and level up so they can take control of their reality.


Life, Health, Wellness and Self-Care, Mindset, Young People (18-28), North & South America




Victoria, Canada


Kathleen works with sensitive, ambitious women who often hold themselves back from going after what they truly deserve and living up to their highest potential. Her clients let their self-doubt and inner critic run the show, but know they are meant for a more energetic, fulfilling life. Kathleen’s clients are ready to move through their fears and embody their most confident and connected selves.


"If you’re thinking about changing your life and crushing goals and feeling like a superwoman, then this is your coach! I truly believe the universe paired us together. I absolutely made the right choice in choosing her to be part of a very important time in my life. I couldn’t imagine going through this experience without her. Kathleen reminded me of the girl I’ve always been and hid away for many years. After the four months we had, I never felt better. I’m so sure I will become the success I set out to be, thanks to Kathleen's guidance and support." - Zoila F.

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