Katherine Mackenzie-Smith


Katherine is a writer, coach, speaker, and mentor who champions introverted and highly sensitive leaders to find their own way to shine in their life and business. After spending a lifetime feeling like there was something wrong with her for being quiet, she’s on a mission to make sure no quiet soul ever feels that way ever again. Named a ‘self help guru’ by Elle Magazine, Katherine is currently writing a book for introverted souls and has trained as a certified energy and soul medicine practitioner to best support her clients to understand themselves and make an impact in their own quiet way.


Life, Health, Wellness and Self-Care, Mindset, Creativity, Young People (18-28), Business, Australia & New Zealand


Energy and Soul Medicine Practitioner


Brisbane, Australia


Katherine works with introverted and highly sensitive souls who fully committed to diving deep into themselves and lead from within. She works with clients on how to understand and manage their energy, create businesses they love, and find success on their terms even if that looks different to what the world tells them they should want.


“Katherine really helped me overcome my fear, break through some massive internal barriers, increase my confidence, and step outside of my comfort zone for personal and business growth.” - Naomi Arnold

“If I had to sum coaching with Katherine up in three words , they would be: life changing brilliance.” - Carolyn Tate

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