Kate McCready

Kate McCready


Kate McCready is an award nominated coach and thought leader working in the intersection between business, career, leadership and life. Kate supports purpose-driven people in times of growth and transition to craft conscious and meaningful working-lives. Kate works with her clients to tap into their true potential and align who they are, what they do and the life they want to live for greater fulfilment, flourishing, flow and impact. A meditation teacher in training and member of Conscious Capitalism ANZ, Kate is thrives on helping people grow conscious careers, businesses and organisations.


Life, Mindset, Spirituality, Career, Creativity, Business, Australia & New Zealand


Bachelor of Business Entrepreneurship


Melbourne, Australia


Kate’s clients are curious, life long learners and leaders (by title or nature) with big ideas and big hearts experiencing a time of personal and professional growth &/or transition. Ready to step up to their potential, they are seeking clarity, confidence, focus and flow in taking the steps to move forward in their business, career or leadership, while staying grounded in a deeper sense of Being.


“Kate has an innately empathetic nature which allows her to listen deeply and create space for positive self reflection and discovery. She helps you unpack the messiness of your own brain and narrow in on what you truly want.” - Simon Wong

“I soon realised with Kate's help, my vision for my business was also the vision for my life and how I truly wanted to 'show up' as a woman and as a business owner.” - Kate Cashman

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