Kate McCready


I am an integrative business, leadership and human potential coach and meditation teacher. I work with mindful and change-making humans to elevate your awareness, potential and leadership for meaningful impact, conscious success and a work-life or business in flow. I work holistically with my clients to create mindful strategies to help you and your business grow from the inside, out. So you can make a positive difference in the world through who you are and what you do.


Life, Health, Wellness and Self-Care, Mindset, Spirituality, Career, Creativity, Business, Australia & New Zealand


Bachelor of Business Entrepreneurship, Certified Human Potential Coach, First Aid, Vedic Meditation


Melbourne, Australia


I work with mindful, purpose-driven and change making leaders, business owners and professionals seeking to live well and make an impact. My clients are often emerging or established leaders in their fields or organisations who are ready to really get behind the bigger vision they have for themselves, their work and their businesses and bring that vision to life. With more ease and less hustle.


“I was not only able to bring a passionate business to life, articulate my mission and craft a powerful message, I also learned so much about myself, my values and what I really want out of life. Coaching with Kate has been a transformational, fulfilling, and inspiring journey. Both personally and as a business person. So much so that I can’t wait to work with Kate again!” - Murielle Marie

"Kate has a way of cutting through the haze when my ideas run wild and bringing me back to my purpose with crystal-clarity. Together we’ve lasered-in on what lights me up most and identified new opportunities for crossover between my passions, business direction and how I can make the greatest difference in the world." – Helle Weston

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