Kate Cashman


Kate is a speaker and leadership coach working with change makers, educators and leaders to more confidently master the art of public speaking so they can speak up and share their unique story and magic with the world. With over a decade of experience as a lecturer, educator and speaker, Kate uses her signature framework of 'mindset + meaning + method' to help professionals and business owners master the art of public speaking and 'life leadership' through one on one coaching, group workshops and leadership and public speaking programs.


Life, Mindset, Career, Young People (18-28), Middle Age (45+), Business


Neuro Linguistic Programming Practitioner, Advanced Leadership and Consultancy Training


Hobart, Australia


Kate's clients are change-makers, teachers and leaders who are looking for some support in crafting their message and sharing their story - in the boardroom, in small groups, or large audiences with thousands of people. They want to feel more confident speaking up and are open to exploring who they are as unique speakers and 'leaders' whether they have a title to that effect or not.


"Kate's ability to listen to an organisation’s values and use them throughout her programs is fantastic. Her enthusiasm was contagious. We found her to be engaging, educative and entertaining and I would recommend Kate as a facilitator, coach or speaker for any event or organisation." - Kellie, Worksafe Tasmania

"Kate was so motivating, knowledgeable and inspiring. I trusted her and I felt safe. Thanks to Kate’s clear, rational, supportive, inspiring guidance, I feel like my whole world has shifted from somewhat confused to very focused and productive. I can share who I really am." - Jay Chipman

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