Kate Caddle


Kate is an award winning intuitive life coach, speaker and writer, as well as a mama and wife. Through coaching sessions, social media and The Awakened Pregnancy Podcast, Kate helps women to see that they can embark on their journey to motherhood without fear, and instead see it as a time to truly connect to who they are on a deeper level. Kate is an advocate for self care, living gently and getting super comfortable in your own skin, and has actively been a part of the transformation of thousands of lives.


Motherhood & Parenting, Australia & New Zealand




Gold Coast, Australia


Kate weaves a divine combination of deep empathy and understanding with grounded vision to help her clients navigate conception, pregnancy and birth in an empowered state. Pulled from her lived experience of challenging conception, Kate works with women who wish to create a meaningful journey into motherhood through supporting them to live in their alignment no matter how their experience unfolds.


"I needed to do this for myself for my mental health. Kate has lived experience in the struggles of trying to conceive, so I knew I’d be in great hands. I felt whole heartedly supported, while also being given the actions required to move forward after our time together into a better place in my life. I can’t tell you how much I’ve enjoyed this. Kate, you inspire me to be better!" - C Ward

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