Karen Marie Johnston


Karen has 25 years of both lived & professional experience in the areas of trauma, addiction and recovery and is an advocate and champion within this space. She is a practising Social Worker. Karen supports and empowers women to fully step into the version of themselves that they deserve to be. She does this by creating safe spaces both in-person, on retreats and online workshops, as well as working intensively 1:1. Karen is a huge advocate for self-compassion as the bedrock for transformation. Karen has a free community online ‘The Self-Love Hub’ which offers daily support.


Life, Health, Wellness and Self-Care, Spirituality, Relationships, Creativity, Middle Age (45+), UK & Europe


BSc First Class Honours Social Policy, MSc Social Work, 'She Recovers' Trauma-Informed, Yoga Teacher 200 Hours, Yoga Alliance Teacher - Addiction & Mental Health


Bournemouth, United Kingdom


Karen works with women who have issues with alcohol, substance misuse, disordered-eating, love addiction and codependency. She works with those who are on a journey of self-healing, who need additional support in order to truly let go of self-defeating behaviours and fully embrace recovery. She works to support clients to befriend themselves, so that they operate from a place of deep self-care.


 "When I started working with Karen, I knew I wanted to be kinder to myself. I felt stuck in lots of areas. I was over-eating, drinking and my self-worth was non-existent. Everything has changed. Literally everything. Every goal I set I have achieved. I do not abuse myself with food or alcohol anymore, but most of all I am kinder to myself. Karen, thank you for showing me my preciousness." - Mary Beth

"When I first came to Karen, I was very unhappy & obsessed with my weight. I have rebuilt a relationship with myself based on kindness & I now know that I am brave, already enough and that I am deserving of the best." - Susannah

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