Kaitlyn Dawn


Kaitlyn is a Life and Creativity Coach on a mission to bring more joy, fulfilment, and excitement into the lives of others. Her greatest desire is to guide individuals towards their dream life, however that looks for each individual (not what society deems to be "the ideal"). Kaitlyn is an advocate of self-expression (creativity) and self-reflection (personal growth), and loves that she can merge her two passions through coaching. When she isn't working on her business, Kaitlyn can be found practicing her favourite form of creativity: writing!


Life, Health, Wellness and Self-Care, Spirituality, Career, Creativity, North & South America


B.A. in Social Development Studies (w/ Psychology minor); Journal Therapy Diploma; Certified Moonologer


Kamloops, Canada


Kaitlyn loves working with those who are ready to make themselves a priority, those who long to bring more passion and joy into their lives, and those who are open to exploring new ideas and activities. Her favourite client goals are creativity-focused, however for anyone seeking change in their life (and unsure where to start their journey), Kaitlyn is happy to help.


“Since having this coaching experience, I have been happier not only at home, but at work too. It has really allowed me to see the positive things that I have, and make positive changes to put myself first. Kaitlyn was instrumental in my journey, and without her support I wouldn’t be where I am today.” - Jennifer D.

“The best part about Kaitlyn’s coaching, specifically, is her love and passion for creativity. I was motivated to follow a dream I never knew I could accomplish, and I’ve noticed I have more of a fire now!" - Rachelle L.

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