Julia Hemmann


Julia is a writer, speaker and a personal development and mindset coach. Julia's mission is to help people find more fulfilment and purpose in their lives. She believes that when we feel great about who we are, we have the ability to positively impact the world around us. Julia's interests in mindset and personal development means she works with her clients by trying to understand their view of the world, what beliefs they have, what challenges they face; and works with them to reframe any limiting beliefs and come up with an actionable plan to create the change they want.


Life, Health, Wellness and Self-Care, Mindset, Career, Relationships, Young People (18-28)



Geelong, Australia


Julia works with people who have studied and worked hard all their lives. They've tried to make all the 'right' decisions, but for some reason, can't figure out why they're not feeling satisfied or why they continue to experience burnout; and they want help. Julia's clients have found success in areas such as changing careers, improving their health & wellbeing and increasing their confidence.


"By the end of the coaching series with Julia I felt like a completely revamped version of myself with a new found confidence and clarity. Friends and family have also noticed a difference and they have been very supportive, proud of my progress and new achievements." - Monique Le Gall

"I’m more confident about myself, my own health and wellbeing. There’s no way I would have believed all this was achievable at the start of the series!" - Mikel Alonso

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