Josipa K. Singh


After fourteen years in mechanical engineering, Josipa left her career to live her passion and prioritise joy and fun. She is now a success and mindset coach and speaker. Josipa specialises in inner transformation that creates outer wealth and success. She delivers high-impact transformation that clears inner blocks to confidence and success and creates wild enthusiasm and excitement which are key to taking inspired action. Her clients experience high levels of confidence, inspiration, clarity and growth. Josipa coaches in English, Croatian and Norwegian.


Life, Mindset, Career, Money, UK & Europe


Tapping into Wealth Coach


Bergen, Norway


Josipa works with women who are struggling with stress, fear of failure and self-doubt caused by lack of business income. They feel stuck and not progressing as they wish to. They love what they do but have issue with pricing and valuing their worth. They are ready to face their limiting beliefs and leave no stone unturned in order to grow and build their business from inside out.


"Josipa helped me realise that I made secret pacts with myself to guarantee that I would never be successful. She helped me see where I was holding myself back!" - Marsanne Petty

"I would recommend anyone to work with Josipa. You will see, feel and experience the difference. I can truly stand witness to the amazing difference this lady can make to your world." - Elizabeth Smith

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