Jolinda Johnson

Jolinda Johnson


Jolinda Johnson is a Fertility Coach who offers customized support to highly motivated women longing to become mothers. By focusing on diet, lifestyle, and mindset she encourages her clients to make powerful changes that will maximize their chances of conception and make their dreams of having a baby come true. She is passionate about helping women become their own advocates, giving them the confidence they need to feel empowered, informed, and in positive action every step of the way.


Life, Health, Wellness and Self-Care, Mindset, Motherhood & Parenting


Certified Holistic Health Coach


Barcelona, Spain


Jolinda works with women who are ready to change the quality of their lives as much as the quality of their eggs and who recognize the power of coaching in helping them reach their goals. They want to finally let go and surrender, while still playing an active role in the making of their miracle.


“Throughout the coaching process, I let go of the fear of not falling pregnant and focused on creating the perfect environment both mentally and psychically to accept a baby in my life. This change in perspective led to a healthier mindset and a positive pregnancy result after just two months of working with Jolinda!” - Nichola Keidel-Doggrell

“Setting my own goals, breaking down those goals into manageable steps, and reviewing and revising the goals and steps as needed allowed me the room to learn and grow. Jolinda’s approach was compassionate, kind, knowledgeable (but never preachy!), and empowering.” - Katherine Bryant

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