Jocelyne Clémençon


Jocelyne is an intuitive, sincere and deeply passionate coach based in Switzerland. She understands what it is like to work in the corporate world and not taking care of yourself properly. Training karate for over a decade and taking part in competitions taught her many lessons in how body and mind need to be a union to live a happy and balanced life. She is now teaching her tools and techniques in workshops and in her 1:1 coaching series by using meditation, visualization and affirmations.


Life, Health, Wellness and Self-Care, Mindset, Creativity, Young People (18-28)


Swiss Federal Business Vocational Baccalaureate


Zurich, Switzerland


Jocelyne works with women who work in the corporate world and have lost sight of their health and happiness. Putting on weight herself, she knows that, "just eat healthier and move more“ isn’t the solution. If you feel there is more out there than dieting and exercising until you collapse, working with her will be the best decision.


"Working with Jocelyne really helped me to organise where I am in my life right now. She's helped me to prioritise my goals and get my finances in order—I'm now on track to pay off debt. She was an encouraging, non judgemental support system and I could feel her rooting for me the entire way." - Ella Ames

"The biggest change I noticed was how big of a difference it can make to all aspects of your life when you are doing something that you love! All of my relationships are so much better and my life is so much calmer. I feel connected, uplifted and inspired after working with Jocelyne." - Tegan Skinner

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