Jo Kendall


Jo Kendall is an award-winning Coach, Counsellor and Meditation Therapist for people who don’t do normal. Jo helps people who don’t fit the status quo tune into their potential and find home within, through online programs and services drawing on the latest teachings in positive psychology, counselling, meditation therapy and life experiences.


Life, Health, Wellness and Self-Care, Mindset, Spirituality, Career, Creativity, Money, Australia & New Zealand


Counsellor, Meditation Therapist


Armidale, Australia


My clients often feel like the square pegs in a round hole world. They're big thinkers, deep feelers, creative in their own way and they think and see life outside the box. They live most days with just a hint of stress and anxiety right there, under the surface, but they're good at covering that up and continuing on. Together we work to de-program the habitual stress and create a life they love.


"Working with Jo was life changing. Jo holds an incredibly safe and supportive space, but she is fierce when it comes to holding you to a high level of honouring your own truth and doing things in a way that is aligned with your heart. She won't let you second guess yourself, or apologise for what it is you truly want, and you can feel her genuine belief in you and your vision right from the start. I am so incredibly grateful for my time with Jo, and the ways my life and business have changed and expanded since. She is such an embodiment of her teachings, which is exactly why I knew I had to work with her in the beginning." - Tracey Spencer

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