Jo Gillard

Jo Gillard


Jo's passion lies in supporting her clients to be the change they want to see in the world. Jo empowers her clients to raise their energetic vibration, and shine their inner light, creating positive ripples in their homes, communities and lives. Soulfully and intuitively she guides them to connect within, to quiet the mind and tune into their inner knowing. This enables them to find the answers they seek. Drawing on her experience in energy work, meditation, mindset and mindfulness, she opens the door to the mysteries of the Universe. Step through and begin to Co Create Your Life.


Life, Mindset, Spirituality, Australia & New Zealand


Craniosacral Therapist


Sydney, Australia


Jo works with women who are experiencing a self-awakening. Women ready to connect to and honour their own dreams, their life purpose, and trust their inner wisdom. They want to shift and grow but are fearful of what that may mean for their everyday lives. Jo's clients dream of living in alignment with their true selves, in a joyful, connected way - without having to turn their world upside down.


"Jo gave me the support and gentle push I needed to break down limiting beliefs that were sabotaging my efforts and keeping me stuck. Jo helped me harness and gain back my inner wisdom and power, getting me back in charge of designing my life." - Nina Cruz

"Jo’s soothing and grounding presence is so welcoming and kept me anchored in my sessions with her. She is very nurturing and I felt safe exploring different areas of my life with her, especially Spiritual growth. My time with her has allowed me to really reflect and dig deeper into my blocks. Each session I emerged feeling more confident, motivated and aligned." - Khai Lin Chuah

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