Jess Wagner


Jess is a Certified Life Coach who supports womxn and femmes to harness their self-leadership by trusting, loving, and empowering themselves more than they ever have before. She facilitates transformation for her clients by helping them mix their big-picture dreams and vision along with practical action to move closer to the lives they desire for themselves. Jess currently holds space for work with one-on-one clients and also in her community, Self-Leadership Club.


Life, Health, Wellness and Self-Care, Mindset, Spirituality, Career, Young People (18-28), North & South America



Kansas City, United States


Jess works with womxn who are ready to step up and become the leaders of their lives. Her clients are tired of living their life based on “shoulds” and everyone else’s plans and hopes for them. They are ready to start putting themselves first, tap into their intuition, get unstuck, and start living the lives they truly desire.


"If I had to sum up why my coaching experience was so powerful, it would be the feeling of being seen and heard in a compassionate and judgment-free space. Jess helped validate my feelings, and let me know that it was 110 percent okay to do what I want." - Kayley W.

"Every statement I said, every part of my life that was opened up was so welcomed and she took all of my ups and downs in such beautiful stride. It’s as if she’s experienced it all and holds no judgement to anything that you could bring to her. I truly had a space with her where I felt free to be 100% vulnerable and truly do the work I know I needed." - Whitney O.

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