Jess Sermak


Jess is a Spiritual Development Life Coach, Psychic Medium, Published Author and Women’s Circle Facilitator who is passionate about helping women unlock and deepen their spiritual gifts. Jess will give you the tools you need to tap into your own intuition for guidance, connect with your spirit team and release any energetic blocks or past life soul contracts that might be holding you back. Whether you're curious to explore your spiritual side or you're ready to birth your soul's work and serve humanity, Jess is here to help you explore your spirituality in a safe, comfortable and fun way.


Life, Health, Wellness and Self-Care, Spirituality, Australia & New Zealand


Reiki Certified, Evidential Mediumship, Evidential Psychic Level 2, Bachelor of Law, Bachelor of International Business, Post Graduate Diploma of Practical Legal Training


Gold Coast, Australia


Jess loves working with women who are ready to unlock their spiritual gifts and manifest their soulful desires. She has helped multitudes of women release energetic blocks, connect with their inner guidance system and lean into the whispers of their soul. Many of her past clients are now birthing their spiritual gifts and souls work into the world through their own soulful businesses.


"Jess brings her whole heart and wise soul to her coaching work, but her most wonderful qualities are her intuition, non-judgement, sense of humour and compassion. I now feel joyfulness, inspiration and even deeper ambition as a result of our coaching together! I would highly recommend Jess." - Marie Ann

"Jess is a wealth of knowledge. She not only made me feel nurtured, safe and comfortable but had so many different tools and techniques to help me unlock my spiritual gifts! I have loved this experience! I would highly recommend Jess!" - Jenna

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