Jess Sermak


Jess is a mum of 5, certified coach, speaker and author. Jess is passionate about empowering beautiful women to find themselves again after becoming a mother. Through her coaching sessions and her inspirational new book she is empowering mothers to embrace their uniqueness, believe in their worthiness and get them moving towards creating the life of their dreams! Jess helps you get clarity on your goals, feel a sense of purpose and discover your identity outside of motherhood. Jess creates space for women to courageously work on their mindset, self care, work/family balance and gain momentum.


Life, Mindset, Spirituality, Career, Motherhood & Parenting


Bachelor of Law/Bachelor of International Business, Post Graduate Diploma of Practical Legal Training.


Gold Coast, Australia


Jess works with women who want to create something for themselves that they can be proud of external to motherhood! They’re ready to step into their purpose, create their own identify and leave a legacy! Whether you want help figuring out what’s next, writing a book or helping others, Jess can help you let go of limiting beliefs, create a more peaceful home and achieve your BIG dreams!


"Jess brings her whole heart and wise soul (not to mention a lifetime of deep experiences!) to her coaching work, but her most wonderful qualities are her intuition, non-judgement, sense of humour and compassion. I now feel joyfulness, inspiration and even deeper ambition as a result of our coaching together! I highly recommend Jess to anyone who is on a personal growth journey and wants to fulfil their big goals and life’s work. Jess is the most successful and inspirational embodiment of being both otherworldly and grounded at the same time. If you are ready to do the work and align with your soul, Jess will be the one to take you there!" - Marie-Ann

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