Jess Davidson

Jess Davidson


Jess Davidson is an awakening woman, a woman on a quest for a natural, wild womanhood. As a writer, philosopher, and life coach, Jess helps other awakening women unravel their internalized patriarchy, dismantle their learned patterns of female guilt and self-oppression, and liberate their full human complexity. In her coaching work, Jess uses her philosophy of Heroine Consciousness, based on the heroine’s archetypal journey, to guide women as they learn to trust their own experience, see their wholeness, and become themselves.


Life, Mindset, Spirituality, Relationships, Creativity




Springfield, Mo, United States


Jess’s clients are awakening women, deep thinkers and feelers, self-identified feminists and women with a bit of a rebellious streak who can’t believe how patriarchy still managed to get its hooks into them. Brave and self-aware, these women are looking to strip away the patriarchal influences undermining their vitality so that they can finally be the women they have always felt they really are.


“With such tender care, Jess put me to work. Jess has a sensitivity for the hard parts, and an intuitiveness to be able to know which parts are hard and which are maybe easier. It's been so valuable to have her there to ask the questions, to challenge the thoughts, and to translate things I was saying and even things I wasn't saying.” - Jordia M.

“Jess is equal parts depth, sass, and acceptance. The way she asks questions and holds space in sessions, she was always guiding me to open back up to the deeper self-work, bringing me back to identity, choice, permission.” - Kate H.


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