Jess Bartholomew


Jess is a Life Coach, Flower Essence Practitioner, medicine woman and space holder. She guides sensitive, soulful women through a journey of personal reclamation, helping them to awaken their innate radiance and become the woman they were born to be. Deeply inspired by the natural world, Jess weaves together a unique blend of offerings reflecting her background in women’s empowerment coaching, soul and energy medicine, and plant-based healing. She aims to inspire and empower her community to heal naturally while awakening transformation from within.


Life, Health, Wellness and Self-Care, Spirituality, Relationships, Creativity, Young People (18-28), Australia & New Zealand


Flower Essence Practitioner, Vitalist Herbal Practitioner


Tasmania, Australia


Jess works with sensitive, soulful women who hold themselves back and feel disconnected from their higher selves. Her clients struggle with overwhelm, self-worth, self-doubt and trust issues; they avoid discomfort and find it hard to create balance, especially when it comes to managing their own energy. Jess gently guides her clients to move beyond fear and release self-imposed limitations, helping them reconnect inward to reclaim their sovereignty, open into their magnificence, and awaken their highest potential as a woman.


“Jess was amazing and I instantly felt supported and safe speaking from a place of truth. Through this openness and Jess’ guidance, I was continuously blown away by what naturally came up and the resulting shifts. I felt completely empowered by the amazing goals and actions that manifested in the space of our sessions. Each time feeling excited and ready to show up for myself in a new way.” - Candice Cameron      

"Jess' coaching is soulful, holistic and healing, and above all for me it was such a deeply down-to-earth experience that left me feeling full of confidence and free in so many ways." - Kris Franken 

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