Jeanette Buchanan


Jeanette is a Certified Life Coach who has a fire in her belly to empower women and help them have more confidence, smile from their heart and live life to the fullest. Jeanette is passionate about helping women connect and step into the fullness of their unique and beautiful selves and does this also in her work as a Sister Circle facilitator. Drawing from years of life experience, Jeanette helps her clients to know themselves on a deeper level and create the life they dream of.


Life, Health, Wellness and Self-Care, Mindset, Spirituality, Career, Relationships, Motherhood & Parenting, Middle Age (45+)


Sister Circle Facilitator, Reiki Certificate 1 and 2


Pottsville, Australia


Jeanette works with women who come to a point in their lives and think, "what's next?" Whether you want to improve your self-confidence, self-love, explore your spirituality, improve your health and well-being or maybe follow your dream career, Jeanette can help you make meaningful change in your life.


"I found Jeanette to be extremely positive, understanding, very supportive and I would highly recommend her to anyone wanting to move forward in their life. My husband loves the new me and my new self confidence. I'm so grateful to Jeanette and my experience with her has been life changing, thank you." - Alison

"Jeanette is a positive, warm, inspiring and energizing coach. She lives a life that is inspirational, especially with regard to health, self care, fitness and daily routines. She was committed to me as her client and provided valuable options and a mirror for my reflections. Such positivity enabled me to feel stronger in every way." - Terri

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