Jayne Day


Jayne is a business and marketing coach and online marketing strategist. She is passionate about empowering women to create the business of their dreams and building financial freedom. Jayne has been in business since her early 20's and is the founder and managing director of Webonize with a wealth of knowledge around all areas of online marketing including social media, lead generation, content marketing, search engine optimisation, email marketing and Facebook Advertising.


Mindset, Money, Business, Australia & New Zealand


Certified Email Marketing Specialist, Certified Search Marketing Specialist, Certified Direct Response Copywriting Specialist, Certified Ecommerce Marketing Specialist


Newcastle, Australia


Jayne works with women from the start-up stages of business to multiple six-figure business owners in many different niches. Her clients are driven and will do everything possible to create the business of their dreams. Her personalised approach and extensive business knowledge is the secret ingredient to growing the business you dream of.


"I completed a four month 1:1 coaching program with Jayne and I got exactly what I wanted - a structured and purposeful to-do list! I am now focused on meaningful tasks, as opposed to the scatter-gun approach I was using. I now feel confident with digital marketing, instead of nervous and unsure."- Rachel Carroll

"Over the last six months I have gone from doubting I was built for business to increases in sales and confidence. Jayne is amazingly patient with all of the questions and the technical help has been next level. The reviews were very useful, if confronting! All came with implementable strategies to continue to grow my business." - Jessica McCarroll

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