Jarka Kunova

Jarka Kunova


Jarka is a Business Coach and Start Up Consultant, working with entrepreneurs, businesses and corporate women to create tailored business and career solutions. Jarka's unique blend of practicality and heart centred strategies see her clients achieve success in a relatively short time as they integrate the way they like to work with their dream lifestyle. She is known as the 'serial side hustler' who successfully built a profitable coaching business alongside her full-time job and now helping aspiring entrepreneurs do the same. Jarka also draws on her 15 years of corporate business experience.


Life, Career, Business, Australia & New Zealand


Certified Lean Practitioner (Green Belt); Bachelor of Commerce


Sydney, Australia


Jarka works with people who are ready to claim their dream business or career meanwhile creating a lifestyle that supports the way they like to work. Her clients include service based businesses like coaches, naturopaths, photographers; technology start-ups ready to scale up and raise capital; corporate men and women starting side businesses or taking the leap into a new career or business.


“Jarka inspired, motivated and guided us to be better with our business. We approached Jarka for coaching because we wanted to expand and grow our business but didn’t quite know how. We felt empowered to implement strategies that made our business more effective and profitable. New customers are finding us online and we’ve never been busier.” - Corinne and Cameron Boxsell

“Working with Jarka was a totally inspired experience. She guided me to gain confidence, courage and clarity in all areas of my life. My career has flowed into new and exciting areas, and my vision of the future is so much clearer.” - Kris Franken

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