Janina Grueger


Janina is a certified Life and Career Coach who supports her clients to explore their dreams, passions and strengths to create a life on their own terms. She helps others to develop a deeper connection with themselves and get clarity of what it is that they really want– in both their private and professional lives. Janina lovingly guides her clients through life transitions and works with them on a positive mindset, a positive self-image, and a more mindful and gentle way of life.


Life, Health, Wellness and Self-Care, Mindset, Career, Young People (18-28)



Hamburg, Germany


Janina works with clients who are seeking a more meaningful and passionate life and career. Together they discover her clients’ uniqueness and what they need to be happy. Through coaching, Janina’s clients learn how to create an intentional life and to be more loving and compassionate to themselves and their dreams.


"When I started Life Coaching with Janina I was struggling with my self-esteem and direction in my career. I had a lot internal conflict, questioning whether or not my career was the right career for me and if I should try a new path. I decided to do coaching when I realized that life was too short to be doing something that I didn’t enjoy. Being coached was empowering, joyful and authentic. The biggest change that I’ve noticed has been my boost in confidence. My anxiety and self-doubt has subsided and I am a lot more self assured. A year ago I never would have thought that I’d be in the job that I’m in now – my dream job!" Amanda Cano

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