Janelle Ledwidge

Janelle Ledwidge


Janelle Ledwidge is a Certified Business and Life Coach, Co-Author and Founder of A Glittering Soul. She is an Advanced Crystal Master, Certified Crystal Healer, energy practitioner and Priestess who uses crystals and other energetic tools in her business and daily spiritual practice. Janelle inspires creative women to harmonize their energy, ditch stress and dream big as they seek joy, freedom and infinite expansion. Janelle believes the path to fulfilment and longevity is through soul-purpose, authenticity, intuition, self-love, confidence, creativity, wellness and reinvention.


Life, Health, Wellness and Self-Care, Mindset, Spirituality, Career, Relationships, Creativity, Middle Age (45+), Business, Australia & New Zealand


Advanced Crystal Master (ACM), Certified Crystal Healer (CCH), Advanced Coach U Graduate, Integrative Nutrition Health Coach


Melbourne, Australia


In addition to coaching emerging leaders, mentoring coaches and innovative women, Janelle has worked with CEOs and business owners with whom she connected to global business opportunities. Her clients are conscious, creative, talented and aspirational. They value Janelle’s expertise and her award-winning client service for clarity, inspiration and rejuvenation.


“Janelle is an unbelievable resource and coach. I chose Janelle because she has a breadth of knowledge and experience in coaching and business; but also, was successful at balancing a family while focusing on business. Her inner light was so powerful, and I felt safe and secure in sharing my goals and dreams with her. My work with Janelle has made a huge difference in how I approach my life.” - Casey Anselmi

“Through coaching with Janelle, I was able to get my goals into focus and fine tune my niche and ideal client. I have more drive than ever and am now able to work through fears about my business with ease.” Jody Kristina

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