Jane Buresh


Jane is a creativity and intuition coach helping clients develop and follow their intuition in order to show up fully as their true self with confidence, clarity and trust so they can take big leaps towards their dreams. As an award winning artist and creative she knows the courage and inner work it takes to find, express and share the true colors of yourself.


Life, Mindset, Spirituality, Creativity, North & South America




Omaha, United States


Jane works with creative women stuck on the edge of great change, searching for answers and guidance, and through the emotional and mental blocks that can stand in the way. Combining soulful and intuitive practices, with practical and tangible tools, Jane guides clients toward their creative dreams and clear inner guidance.


“Working with Jane and using her tools, I found a way to break through the places I couldn’t break through before on my own. I am so strong and confident now, peaceful and at ease. She showed me that healing is possible and that I am worth the battle.” - Krista B.

“I came to coaching with Jane with a desire to discover who I really am. I was surprised at how much my life changed from the inside out. I can hear my voice again. I finally feel free from other's opinions and my own negative self-talk and free to pursue, explore, and create.” - Heather K.

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