Jane Buresh


Jane is a "painted life" coach, artist and teacher. Combining her research and knowledge of healing and intuitive art practices, with soulful and practical coaching methods, Jane is able to guide clients from feeling lost, stuck or overwhelmed to a place of clarity, confidence and trust in themselves and their path. Her coaching process guides clients toward their creative dreams and their own inner guidance using tangible tools to help them through the emotional and mental blocks that can stand in the way.


Life, Mindset, Spirituality, Creativity




Omaha, United States


Jane works with creative women stuck on the edge of great change, searching for answers and guidance. Women seeking something bigger in their lives, a clear path forward or a direct line to the place within themselves that already has the answers, and clients willing to explore beyond what they already consciously know.


Through my coaching series with Jane I found creative ways to deal with feelings and my experiences in order to express and see the truth in them. I was surprised at how much my life changed from the outside in. I can hear my voice again. I am amazed at how free I feel. Free from other's opinions and my own negative self-talk and free to pursue, explore, and create. Heather K. Jane truly listens, and is full of good practical ways to face my demons. Using those tools, I found a way to break through the places I couldn’t break through before on my own. I am so strong and confident now, comfy in my own skin, peaceful and at ease. - Krista B.

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