Jaci Rogash


Jaci is a Personal Development & Empowerment Coach, Writer and Speaker for strong, independent women in helping professions who want to overcome adversity and start living a life they genuinely love. Jaci helps her clients view life events from a different perspective, encourages them to have the deep conversations they have been avoiding and release anything in their life that no longer serves them. Having faced significant adversity throughout her life, Jaci supports her clients as they start to show the world who they really are and release their fear of being judged.


Life, Health, Wellness and Self-Care, Mindset, Career, Relationships, Creativity, Money



Melbourne, Australia


Jaci's clients are strong, independent women who spend their days serving and helping others. Jaci's clients are ready to face what's been holding them back, overcome their limiting beliefs and start chasing their dreams. They're ready to put themselves first and experience freedom from external pressures, live life on their terms and discover a genuine happiness they've never known.


"My life was a bit of a mess and I needed help to improve my mindset and move forward with my life. Jaci gave me the confidence to step away from toxic situations and I am now more at peace with myself. I am more aware of my body and what I need to do when I am under pressure or stressed." - Caroline Passingham

"I was transitioning from an elite athlete into a corporate career. I found it difficult to find joy & contentment in my life & felt a lot of guilt. Through coaching, I was able to really appreciate the effort I put into things & feel proud of my achievements. I’m a lot calmer and less stressed. I am much happier & content." - Penny Kemp

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