Jac Brown


Jac is a Confidence Coach aimed at helping professionals who are exhausted and verging on burnout to reconnect to their minds and bodies. She helps reignite their inner clarity, direction, and their own self confidence so they can be on fire in their career and personal lives. She works to remind her clients of their true potential and helps them develop a plan to achieve those dreams. She’s known for her tough love approach while aways holding a safe and compassionate space to be seen and heard.


Life, Health, Wellness and Self-Care, Mindset, Career, Relationships, Money, North & South America


400hr Blissology Yoga Teacher


Victoria, Canada


Jac works with ambitious individuals seeking more from their lives, work, and businesses. They are ready to move forward in new directions and up level, ready to reconnect to their minds and bodies. Whether they are leveraging their existing careers, starting new businesses or carving new paths, they're ready to reignite their inner clarity and purpose. Jac will help remove obstacles and build a plan that empowers individuals to move with confidence, clarity, and fire in new directions.


"Before working with Jac I felt scattered, confused, & craving something to support me in living a full life. Jac facilitated the space and feedback I needed to connect with myself leaving me feeling more grounded, confident in my voice, and I was able to take action on ideas I've been sitting on for years." - Emily Muertz

"Life-enhancing. Life-changing. Jac truly listened to me. She has a gift for deeply insightful feedback, is honest, accountable, & patient. With her guidance, I was able to create & achieve goals and unlock sustainable skills to continue on a path of growth." - Laurie Wood

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