Issie Freeman


Issie works with women who crave a life filled with creativity, curiosity and purpose but have spent their time supporting others or putting themselves last and now find themselves feeling frustrated and unfulfilled. Through a blend of techniques and experience Issie supports her clients to realise and nurture their creativity and guide them to a life that feels expansive and rich with creativity, purpose and joy.


Life, Health, Wellness and Self-Care, Mindset, Creativity, UK & Europe


BWY Yoga Teacher, BA Fine Art


Bury St Edmunds, United Kingdom


Issie coaches women who are ready to live their full potential with clarity and confidence. Her clients spend their time supporting and thinking of others and their own needs often come last. They often feel frustrated, unfulfilled and jealous. With Issie's support and guidance their dream of a creative and deeply fulfilling life becomes their reality!


"My life-coaching journey was a combination of creative rediscoveries, self-love and remembering how to have confidence in expressing my true self. This powerful three-month journey unveiled the power and potential I held in myself. I had to let go of the restrictive negative judgements and predictions I had put on myself – through fear of failure or fear of success that I felt I did not deserve. Growing in confidence and self-assurance allowed me to shake these restraints away and go forward with the creative life and ambitions I was holding back from." - Esme

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