India Denley


India is a life coach and wellbeing blogger helping women to feel less anxious and more confident in the pursuit of their goals. Using the power of the mind, she helps driven women to transform their mindset to one that puts self-compassion at it’s core, to rework their relationship with anxiety to a place of acceptance and empowerment, and to feel armed with the tools they need to thrive. All while working on goals that have real meaning to them.


Life, Mindset, Relationships, Young People (18-28), UK & Europe



Cardiff, United Kingdom


India works with women who have burning ideas for what they want to achieve but insecurities and perfectionism prevents them from taking action. They feel intimidated by their own goals and overwhelmed before they’ve begun. But these women are ambitious, they know they have so much potential, and they are ready to change their way of thinking for the better.


“India is a dream come true: she’s positive, personable, and passionate – about you! Our sessions have really helped me to see my true potential and have given me the confidence I needed. I’ve started to reframe my thinking, meaning that I turn ‘I’m not good enough’ into ‘what if?” - Sarah

“I now feel more confident in who I am and what I want out of life and I'm not willing to accept anything less. It was completely life changing. A huge thank you for everything that you did for me!” - Heather

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