Helle Weston


Hellè Weston is one of the new breed of thought leaders bringing esoteric and ancient wisdom to the modern world. Through her unique combination of Intuitive Life Coaching, Breathwork, Channelling and Energy work, Hellè powerfully supports truth-seekers to find clarity from within, leading to more inspiration, meaning, love and positive impact in their lives. Originally from New Zealand, she is now based in Bali and leads trainings for thousands of women and men around the world both live and online.


Life, Health, Wellness and Self-Care, Mindset, Spirituality, Career, Creativity, Young People (18-28), Asia


Certified Breathwork, BodyTalk & EFT Practitioner, Channeled Readings & Energy Worker


Ubud, Indonesia


I work with people who are ambitious, kind, passionate, and excited to live extraordinary lives. My clients are sensitive, intuitive, smart and courageous and yet often find me at a time where they're experiencing overwhelm, self-doubt and confusion about how to move forward to bring their big dreams into reality.


"My experience working with Hellè was so enlightening. It gave me answers, direction and helped me break through some beliefs that were limiting me in my life. I'm now feeling so empowered and inspired for my life and future." - Mandy Francisty

“After only 2 coaching sessions with Hellè, my career path took a complete turn and I began confidently creating my own business from an entirely aligned and heart-driven place" - Tracey Spencer

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