Heather Currie


Heather is a passionate life coach, meditation teacher and writer who loves supporting introverted, empathic and highly sensitive women. Through heartfelt coaching, vision board workshops and writing inspirational articles, she helps women to understand, unlock and love their sensitive skills - turning them into superpowers! As a sensitive woman herself, Heather understands and feels the struggles of navigating an extroverted world and helps her clients feel comfortable in their sensitive skin, to find their voice and finally live in alignment with their true sensitive nature.


Life, Health, Wellness and Self-Care, Mindset, Spirituality, Career, Creativity, Australia & New Zealand


Certified Meditation Teacher


Melbourne, Australia


I work with passionate and heartfelt sensitive women who are ready to unlock and love their sensitive side. Deep down, my clients know they deserve better and are seeking meaning and purpose to find their unique voice. Through understanding and setting energetic boundaries, I empower sensitive women to feel confident, worthy and unapologetic about living a nurturing life, that is in alignment with their sensitive side.


“The way Heather works with her clients to help them set their goals, intentions and actions made me feel so empowered, positive and ready to take charge! Her words really dig deep and she has an incredible ability to listen, absorb and relay information back to you in a way that really sets your soul on fire - it’s just amazing. Life is more controlled, more planned and less hectic which makes me feel more relaxed, empowered, ready to succeed and positive inside and out. Heather is such a beautiful, positive person that will enlighten so many people - coaching really is her calling.” - Alison Meyn

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