Georgie Bryant


Georgie Bryant is a life coach, writer, project manager and time management expert. She coaches toddler mums who can’t find balance between family, work and self-care and helps them perfect their schedule. Georgie is certified through the Beautiful You Coaching Academy. She has also worked as a coach for Sarah Jenks and as a contractor for The Life Coach School.


Life, Health, Wellness and Self-Care, Mindset, Career, Australia & New Zealand




Melbourne, Australia


Georgie works with part time working toddler mums who believe they simply don't have enough time in the day. Through her one-on-one coaching services, Georgie will teach you how to balance your calendar, so no one in your life (including you) misses out.


"When we started coaching I felt I was losing myself by wearing all the hats for my family. I was getting to the point of burn out. After our first session, I felt lighter, like a weight had been lifted, and I had a game plan to get myself back on track. I now ask for help as I am no longer trying to be a supermum, and those around me have noticed that I’m less stressed. I connect one on one with my children and husband, and make time for meditation every night. I knew I needed a coach to help me stay on the right path and keep me accountable, and I found working with Georgie completely enlightening and nourishing." - Quay

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