Gabrielle Treanor


Gabrielle supports empathetic, introverted women who feel overwhelmed by their overdoing and overthinking to bring down the overwhelm, feel calmer, more in control, confident they can cope and, ultimately, happier. As a lifelong people-pleasing ‘good girl’ Gabrielle has spent years learning, experimenting and practising the teachings of positive psychology. It's through her one-to-one coaching, online courses, The Calm Mind Club membership and Pressing Pause podcast that she is able to empower you to feel more joy and ease each day.


Life, Health, Wellness and Self-Care, Mindset, Middle Age (45+), UK & Europe


Positive Psychology Coaching Certificate


Brecon, United Kingdom


Gabrielle’s clients are thoughtful, caring, generous, women who are the responsible, capable ones their family, friends and colleagues depend on. They feel the pressure of expectation, hate letting anyone down or making mistakes, love to be helpful but struggle to ask for it themselves, and whose lives are great on paper but feel guilty for not feeling great inside and for wanting to be happier.


“I lacked self-confidence, self-trust and my intuition was hidden. Following coaching I feel lighter, relieved, liberated, and I am not exaggerating, this is a complete game-changer. I'd describe coaching with Gabrielle as eye-opening, life-changing and liberating. I really recommend working with Gabrielle.” - Nina

“I’m happier and I don’t get so phased by challenges. I understand myself so much more now. When I started coaching with Gabrielle I was feeling overwhelmed, lots of things needed my attention and there was little time left for me. Now I feel more confident, able, in control and I’m having more fun!” - Esme

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