Freya Isobel


Freya Isobel is an energy medicine practitioner, archetype coach and workshop facilitator based in Sydney. Freya's offerings are designed to soothe and nourish so her clients have a deeper awareness of their bodies' wisdom, guidance and intuition. Her theatre and drama training informs her work through her understanding of archetypes, the creative process and the power of language and ritual. Freya supports her clients on their own epic journey - a journey to inspired living through the embodiment of their unique archetypes. Archetype coaching is when life coaching meets spiritual direction.


Life, Health, Wellness and Self-Care, Spirituality, Relationships, Creativity, Middle Age (45+), Australia & New Zealand


Wild Women's Way Circle Facilitator, Energy Medicine Practitioner (5th Level), BA (Drama), Sacred Contracts Consultant


Sydney, Australia


Freya's clients desire to explore the mystery of who they are and connect with the powers and gifts that are within them. Her clients create inspired lives, relationships, art, books, music and businesses. Her clients often have the witch, Goddess, artist, creatrix, warrior, healer archetypes in their psyche.


“Freya’s intuitive coaching style is what drew me to her and is perfect for helping those seeking to be guided by their own intuition. Leading by example, her coaching and gentle direction encourages you to continuously turn inwards for your own answers and this strengthened my trust in my own inner guidance as I created goals and action steps to take that strongly resonated for me. Thank you so much Freya for all your help and for all you helped me achieve, especially helping me turn my t-shirt business from a mere thought into a reality. “ - Natasha Tay

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